TL - Transformational Leadership

TL7: Advocacy and Influence-Describe and demonstrate how nurse leaders value, encourage, recognize/reward, and implement innovation.



  • Verifying evidence for how nurse leaders encourage and implement innovation


  • Verifying evidence provided.

Please refer to Reference TL7-A for evidence of nurses and nurse leaders participating in the professional Practice Ad Hoc council meeting held to discuss strategies to resolve an issue regarding the administration of the pneumococcal vaccine. This is a process in which nurse leaders encourage implementation of innovations through the shared governance process

Please Refer to Reference TL7-B for evidence of DMAIC elective bundle project charter and Reference TL7-B1, TL7-B2 for supporting documents. The Six Sigma DMAIC process is a method nurse leaders utilize to implement new innovations.

Please refer to Reference TL7-C for evidence of how Christina Simeone Nurse BSN, RN nurse manager of the Critical Care Division assisted with the implementation of virtual rounds in the critical care by presenting virtual rounding during the Critical Care Staff meeting.

In November 2012, the critical care charge nurses decided to take this initiative further and develop it into a research study. This idea was presented by Erin Salmond BSN, RN the newly appointed Nurse Manager of the critical care division, to the Critical Care committee for approval (Reference TL7-D). Mabel LaForgia, Clinical Nurse Leader encouraged the charge nurses by assisting them with the development of the research proposal for submission to the IRB. Please refer to Reference TL7-E for evidence of the IRB Proposal. The purpose of this study is to implement evening virtual rounding in the 16 bed Medical Intensive care unit and to discover the perspective of the critical care healthcare team before and after implementation of interdisciplinary virtual rounds using the “Daily Goal Checklist”. Critical Care quality indicators will be evaluated to determine the correlation between evening virtual rounds and patient outcomes. In January 23 2013, Ms. Salmond and Charge nurse Joanie Knuth BSN, RN, discussed the study with the Quality and Safety Nursing Council for approval (Reference TL7-F). The implementation of virtual rounding is currently awaiting IRB approval.


Rapid Response box on 6W, developed through TCAB process

Please refer to Reference TL7-G for evidence of a presentation by Kushbu Desai RN on 6W regarding the TCAB process and their new Rapid Response box.

Please refer to Reference TL7-H for evidence of a TCAB presentation in which the new Rapid Response box was presented to nursing leaders.

Please Refer to Reference TL7-I, TL7-J, TL7-K and TL7-L for evidence of the “Wall of Heroes” an innovation encouraged by nursing leaders and staff nurses from the critical care division.