SE - Structural Empowerment

SE15-Recognition of Nursing: Describe and demonstrate that the nursing community and the community at large (e.g., local, state, national, international) recognize the value of nursing in the organization.

The nursing staff in Jersey City Medical Center is very valued in the immediate community. There are many social/healthcare issues that are prevalent in Hudson County, such as homelessness and drug abuse. The Medical Center and the Division of Nursing actively partner in the community to seek out persons in need and attempt to offer them the services that are warranted. Our nurses also go beyond the borders of Hudson County to offer their services in many medical missions and to participate in state fund-raising activities which support specific charities. Our nursing staff view themselves as health care providers and teachers and relish the opportunity to reach out to the community at large and share their expertise.

Internal recognition of nursing staff

At Jersey City Medical Center we celebrate the contributions of our nursing staff. One of the most cherished annual events by our nurses is the Nurse Excellence Awards. The categories for the Nurse Excellence Awards were modified to reflect the Magnet Nursing Model. Nominees were required to demonstrate these qualities in their professional practice: Transformational Leadership, New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements, Exemplary Professional Practice, Structural Empowerment and Empirical Outcomes. During the awards ceremony, Rita Smith DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CNO and Joe Scott FACHE, CEO address the attendees and offer praise and gratitude for the exceptional nursing care delivered everyday and especially by those who were nominated for the awards. A guest speaker is invited to provide words of wisdom and to celebrate this event with us. In 2011 our guest speaker was Edna Cadmus PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Clinical Professor and Specialty Director, Nursing Leadership Program at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Her discussion was the IOM report and the importance of nursing education and the future of nursing.

Nurses Week is another way that we recognize the value of nurses and celebrate the nursing profession. This is a week of activities which includes the “Florence Nightingale Moment of Silence,” and the “Celebration of the Hands” ceremony. Nurses had the opportunity to receive a well-deserved relaxing massage. Lectures are given on women’s health issues as well as other topics of interest. At the end of the week, a barbecue was held on the lawn and senior leadership served the nursing staff. The Medical Staff of Liberty Health provide monies every year for a gift for the nursing staff in order to demonstrate their thanks and appreciation for the tireless efforts of our nursing staff.

The Annual Longevity Recognition Ball is an event that is held as a tribute and a reward to long-term service employees. Although it is not just for the nursing staff, many of those honored are nurses. It is attended by Joe Scott FACHE, CEO, Rita Smith DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CNO and other senior management as well as Board of Trustee members. Gift cards are provided commensurate with the employee’s length of service and senior management thanks each person for their dedicated service.

Community recognition of the nursing staff

Jennifer Jones MSN, RN, CNL Trauma Coordinator was Nurse Honoree at the Cinco de Mayo parade and celebration in Jersey City. Participation in this event includes being at the forefront of the parade and bringing recognition to the Medical Center. Christine Wade MSN, RN, CEN former Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department was the honoree in 2010. (See Appendix SE15-A1 and SE15-A2 for Cinco de Mayo announcement)

The community further recognizes the nursing staff during Nurse Week. Part of the celebration includes the oiling of the hands ceremony. Mayor Healy, the mayor of Jersey City and his wife (a nurse) are in attendance and participate in this ceremony. The Mayor also presides over the Florence Nightingale moment of silence. (See announcement in Appendix SE15-B).

Jersey City RNs Accelerate Toward Magnet Redesignation
 Jersey City RNs Accelerate Toward Magnet Redesignation  

State recognition of nursing
The Medical Center has been portrayed in the Nursing Spectrum on several occasions throughout the past few years. One program that was highlighted was “Jersey City RNs Accelerate Toward Magnet Redesignation,” which was held on June 24, 2010 and was a magnet fair. The article touched on the interactive games, poster presentations and hands-on learning.

Rita Smith DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CNO and Susan Lanning BSN, RN Director of Community Outreach
 Rita Smith DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CNO and Susan Lanning BSN, RN Director of Community Outreach  

On February 15, 2010, Rita Smith DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CNO and Susan Lanning BSN, RN Director of Community Outreach, were featured on the cover of Advance for Nurses. The article highlighted the new women’s health center opened in the Medical Office Building which is located on the campus of Jersey City. The article emphasizes the need for such services in our community primarily because of the underserved population.

Nancy Chiocchi MSN, RN, PhD-(c) staff nurse from the Emergency Department, was selected by the Seniors Rock organization as New Jersey’s “Hero Among Us” and was honored at the half-time activities of the Red Bulls season closer at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey on October 20, 2011. The award was part of the Red Bulls/Seniors Rock sponsored “Nurse Appreciation Night.” Ms. Chiocchi was selected as a shining example of a healthcare professional from among many submissions from New Jersey hospitals.

The Jersey City Medical Center’s Renal Dialysis division has five nurses on the clinical ladder whose project was patient safety. These five nurses were recognized for their commitment to patient safety. They were awarded the “5 Diamonds of Safety Status from the Quality Insights Renal Network (QIRN). The staff was honored for their diligent work in providing patient focused care on infection control measures such as hand washing, medication reconciliation, flu vaccination, stenosis surveillance and emergency preparedness. Jointly working with the QIRN, the staff developed programs to assist the dialysis facilities and patients to have a raised awareness about safety and to build a network of best practices related to renal care. They established a culture of safety and values that foster high quality care.

The Jersey City Medical Center’s Renal Dialysis division five nurses were awarded the “5 Diamonds of Safety Status from the Quality Insights Renal Network (QIRN).

National recognition of nursing

The Daisy Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurse’s everyday. The Daisy Foundation was established in 2000 by the family of Patrick Barnes who died at the age of 33 of complications of the autoimmune disease idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP). Daisy is an acronym for diseases attacking the immune system. Patrick’s family started a Foundation in his memory. A goal of the Foundation is to recognize extraordinary nurses everywhere who make a difference in the lives of so many people. Patients, visitors, nurses, physicians and employees may nominate a deserving nurse by filling out a nomination form.

Nominees for the award must demonstrate the importance of communication and the delivery of high quality and safe patient care. The nominations are reviewed by the Nursing Quality and Safety Council and the winners are selected on a monthly basis. All nominees receive a daisy pin and a DAISY nomination certificate. The winner receives a special DAISY Winner pin and the “Healer’s Touch” sculpture. To honor the nurse recipient, the DAISY Banner will be displayed on the nurse’s work unit for one month. The winner and the staff on that unit receive Cinnabons a treat once enjoyed by J. Patrick Barnes. (To see list of DAISY Winners for 2010-2012 see Reference SE15-A).

In March, 2012, Christine Wade MSN, RN, CEN then Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department, received the Emergency Room Nurse of the Year Award from the Emergency Nurses Association for all her hard work and diligence and the positive changes that she made in the Emergency Department.

Colleen Masterson BSN, RN was awarded a membership of the American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety by the National Patient Safety Foundation. She was further awarded the Advanced Clinical Educator “ACE” from the Institute for Medical Education and Research, Inc. This title was awarded after completion of National Multiple Myeloma Mentorship Program for Oncology Nurses in 2011. She also received the National Nursing Staff Development Organization (NNSDO) Convention Scholarship, which entitled her to attend the National Convention and enables her to network with her nursing peers. (See Reference SE15-B).

Patricia Nierstedt MSN, RN, CEN a staff nurse in the Emergency Department, was the recipient of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Achievement Award in 2011 for her overall achievements and the contribution that she has made in Emergency Room Trauma.

Numerous Jersey City Medical Center nurses have participated in various poster and podium presentations for health care professionals within Jersey City Medical Center, as well as in other healthcare organizations. The nurses welcome the opportunity to impart their knowledge, innovations, and strategies with their colleagues to improve care. (See Reference SE2-A for details on nurse poster and podium presentations).

International recognition of nursing

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January, 2010, Marie Jean BSN, RN a staff nurse on 7 West, a medical-surgical unit, helped to lead relief missions. She and her family, along with other members of the Jersey City Medical Center Haiti-Relief Committee, coordinated efforts to send medical equipment to areas most affected by the quake.

Mayung Seu MS, RN, CCRN a Staff Nurse in Critical Care, has a long history of work in Korea. Ms. Seu entertained a select group of hospital personnel, which included a nurse, the CEO of a Korean hospital and his wife. They were interested in touring the Medical Center and gaining ideas for an oncology palliative care center that they were building in Korea. Ms. Seu introduced them to our Palliative Care nurse, Nancy Pain APN-C, RN who provided them with information, policies and related forms. Ms. Seu also provides funding for a nurse in Korea to establish a Visiting Nurse program to service the poor communities and provide needed healthcare.

Christine Wade MSN, RN, CEN, then Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department, travelled to Haiti less than 24 hours after the initial massive earthquake and assisted in setting-up medical relief tents and providing medical care in very challenging and difficult conditions.

Chris Vassallo, BSN, RN, CEN, a staff nurse in the Emergency Department went on her first medical mission to the Dominican Republic with Operation Smile, providing surgical repair to children born with cleft lip and palates. Larissa Semenoff BSN, RN, CNOR travelled to Egypt in May of 2010 for the same organization/mission.

Ebony Samuel MSN, RN Nurse Educator, travelled to Sierra Leone in West Africa to teach and present to nurses and nursing attendants at a conference in 2011 and she also worked as a missionary during two health fairs. Ebony Samuel MSN, RN Nurse Educator, travelled to Sierra Leone in West Africa Her picture was placed in the winter edition of the Ramapo Magazine in 2012 with her commentary. Ms. Samuel conveyed the impact of her experience as follows: “The main concept that I have gathered from attending such a momentous trip is this: We all have something to learn from one another, it may not mean traveling halfway across the world to seek it, but the message is to be accepting of it, no matter when or where. If the opportunity presents itself for you to practice your craft or even explore your interests whether in you backyard or across the world, then I suggest you grab onto the opportunity because you never know where it may lead you.”