SE - Structural Empowerment

SE11-Commitment to Community Involvement: Describe and demonstrate the structure(s) and process(es) used to identify and allocate resources for affiliations with schools of nursing, consortiums, or community outreach programs.



  • Verifying evidence for the structures and processes used to identify and allocate resources for various affiliations


  • Verifying evidence for the structures and processes described in the narrative provided
  • Additional narrative provided where needed to further explain allocation of resources

Affiliation with Schools of Nursing

Clinical Nurse Educators from the Educational Center of Professional Development allocated their time to orient instructors from various schools of nursing. Prior to each clinical rotation, the clinical educators spend approximately 2 hours per instructor, per school, reviewing legal documentation, on-boarding, and requirements for mandatory education. The average nurse educator salary at JCMC is $44 per hour totaling $880 allocated to supporting school affiliations. Please see below table.

Affiliation with Schools of Nursing

In 2012, nursing students spent a total of 1,004 clinical hours at JCMC doing their clinical rotations (Appendix SE11-A ).

Please refer to Appendix SE11-B for evidence of a blanket school affiliation agreement outlining the responsibilities of the school, facility, and student nurses

Please refer to Appendix SE11-C for evidence of School affiliation orientation packet.

Please refer to Appendix SE11-D for evidence of Nurse Preceptor training course. This course is provided to all preceptors to prepare them to adequately meet the needs of nursing students.

Please refer to Appendix SE11-E for evidence of Nurse Preceptor training course sign in sheet.

Nurse Residency Program

Please refer to Appendix SE11-F for evidence of Nurse Residency Invoice

In 2012, in addition to the expenditures for the Nurse Residency Program, Nurse Residence received at total of 95 hours of education which was provided by JCMC Educators. Please see Appendix SE11-G for evidence of nurse educator salary allocated to the Nurse Residency Program.

Please refer to Appendix SE11-H for evidence of Nurse Residency policy.

Please refer to Appendix SE11-I for evidence of Nurse Residency skills checklist.

Please refer to Appendix SE11-J for evidence of Nurse Residency preceptor contract.

Please refer to Appendix SE11-K for evidence of Nurse Residency role of the mentor.

Consortium Involvement

Please refer to Appendix SE11-L for Performance Improvement budget as evidence of allocated resources for involvement in consortiums

Please refer to Appendix SE11-M for evidence of various invoices used for expenses related to involvement in NJ Hospital Association, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and other initiatives

Allocated Resources for Community Outreach programs

Jersey City Medical Center hosts many outreach programs and support groups for the community. These programs are provided to the community free of charge and focus on providing, support, health promotions and increase awareness of services available to the community. Please see below for evidence of programs that were offered in 2011 through 2013

2011 Community Outreach Programs ( Appendix SE11-N ):

  • Epilepsy Seminar – January 29th 2011 9am – 12pm
  • Free Preventative colorectal Screenings – March 2nd 6:30pm – 8pm
  • Bike Safety - May 3rd 2011
  • Great American Smoke Out Event – November 16th 2011 4pm – 7pm

2012 Community Outreach programs ( Appendix SE11-O ):

  • CPR training- August 29th 10am ($5 per person)
  • Dinner with the Doctor on Vascular Disease – Sept 19th 6pm - 7:30pm
  • Sickle Cell Disease Support Group – September 20th, 3pm - 4pm
  • Free Car Seat Inspection – September 22nd, 10am – 2pm
  • Epilepsy Seminar – September 22nd, 8:30am – 12:30pm

2013 Community Outreach programs ( Appendix SE11-P ):

  • Diabetes Education Program – April 4th 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Ostomy support group – first Monday of every month started June 2012

Monthly Support Groups at JCMC - 2010 – 2013 ( Appendix-SE11-Q & R ):

  • Monthly Bereavement Support Group – Third Wednesday of every month 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Alzheimer Support Group – Third Tuesday of every month 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Healing Hearts and Connecting Hands – Third Monday of every month 6:30pm – 7:30pmv

Other Community Outreach publications ( Appendix-SE11-S ):

  • Flu Shot Awareness
  • Palliative Care program Awareness

Many Resources are allocated for the above events. Please refer to Appendix SE11-T for evidence of financial resources allocated by JCMC for community events. Please note that the 990 form includes expenses for all community events including salaries of all participating JCMC employees. For a list of the community events with services provided by JCMC RNs and NPs, included in the 990, please refer to Appendix SE11-U and SE11-V.