SE - Structural Empowerment

SE4: How the organization sets goals and supports professional development and professional certification, such as tuition/registration reimbursement and participation in external local, regional, national, and international conferences or meetings.

Jersey City Medical Center considers continuing education and certification attainment as valuable and recognizes this as being essential to our nurses’ professional development. The Medical Center sets goals and supports professional development and professional certification as reflected on our nursing strategic plan to provide an environment for professional growth (See OO3 further information on the nursing strategic plan). This support is seen in the financial budget for nurses, at all levels, participating in external local, regional, national, and international conferences or meetings. A large part of the organization’s strategic plan is based on education. The organization is dedicated to an aggressive education plan. Rita Smith DNP, RN, CNO, NEA-BC is deeply committed to the plan by supporting all levels of nursing.

Ms. Smith sets financial goals that support educational programs that promote professional development. Budget preparation for the new fiscal year is done with Ms. Smith, the Nursing Director, Nurse Managers, as well as the Business Manager. Every year they consider the amount of nurses that will be furthering their education, obtaining certification, recertifying, and attending local, regional, or national conferences. In the nursing strategic plan, education is a valued goal that is filtered down to all the nurse managers. The nurse managers are all committed to ensuring their staff attends conferences for professional growth. Sharing the knowledge attained, at these sessions, with staff, is an expectation. Another expectation of staff is that they have to keep current in their specialty area. This expectation is also part of the yearly staff evaluation (Review OO17 for a list of competencies). Ms. Smith has financially supported the Professional Development Department comprised of educators who set out to build upon the professional nurses’ knowledge through various educational offerings. Ms. Smith also demonstrated support by obtaining unit-based educators. We now have eight specialty educators that provide educational opportunities to staff. See Educator/Department Table below for more information.

SE4-Table 1

Ms. Smith has made a financial commitment and has supported that each nurse obtain specialty certification. She strongly believes that the attainment of certification demonstrates that the nurse has made a commitment to their professional growth and excellence in patient care. Ms. Smith has provided 100% reimbursement for the review classes and examination for any specialty. The organization’s commitment to their goal and support are demonstrated by the 2010 and 2011 fiscal budget table seen below.

SE4-Table 2

Certification support for Perinatal and NICU:

Lifelong learning is supported and is demonstrated by making certification classes easily accessible to nurses. The facilitation of professional development, through certifications, has been accomplished by making the certification classes available at Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC). The Mother Child Health unit has been able to facilitate professional development by collaborating with the Hudson Perinatal Consortium. In 2012, a review course for Maternal Newborn, Inpatient Obstetrics certification was held free of charge in Hillside, New Jersey for our Perinatal nurses. In 2012, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurses had the opportunity to receive a two day NICU certification course at the Medical Center. For further information on the NICU course, refer to Appendix SE4-A. The certification exam for Maternal Newborn, Inpatient Obstetrics, and NICU was held in the Medical Center for the convenience of our nurses. (See Appendix SE4-B for flyer on certification exam in JCMC). A total of twenty Perinatal and NICU nurses took the certification exam at JCMC on June 23, 2012. The following table shows all the nurses participating in the certification exam.

SE4-Table 3


Certification support for Emergency Department:

This year, the Emergency Department has contributed to the nurses’ professional development by offering Emergency Nursing Certification study materials to their nurses who will be taking the certification review and exam. In addition to providing the nurse resources, the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) exam was offered at Jersey City Medical Center, on July 29, 2012. To reward and recognize certified nurses, the Golden Stethoscope Club was established. Christine Wade MSN, APN, CEN the Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department, in 2011, started the Golden Stethoscope Club. (See Appendix SE4-C for Golden Stethoscope Announcement). Ms. Wade established Emergency Department funds to purchase the stethoscopes. Emergency nurses who successfully pass the CEN receive a golden stethoscope as a sign of appreciation for their dedication to the profession of nursing. The table below displays the names of newly CEN certified RNs.

SE4-Table 3

Certification support for Medical Surgical Department:

Contributing to nurses’ professional growth is a priority of the Educational Center of Professional Development (ECPD). They too believe in the benefits of knowledge and are committed to the nurses’ professional growth. The Professional Development educators recently organized a two-day review course for the Medical Surgical nurses in 2012. In March, Jersey City Medical Center hosted a two-day Medical Surgical Certification review course, and fifty of our JCMC nurses attended this review. For further information on the Medical-Surgical Certification Review Course, see Appendix SE4-D.

Certification support for Critical Care Department:

Nicole Sardinas MSN, RN, CCRN, Critical Care Educator, in 2011, conducted a qualitative research study titled, “Critical Care Registered Nurse Certification & Professional Development Study.” This study supported nurses in professional development by offering educational sessions that included preparation for the Critical Care Certification exam. The following is the one-year educational certification preparation sessions were open to all critical care nurses.

CCRN Study Sessions

Ms. Sardinas, in 2010, arranged a CCRN review course as per the recommendation of the critical care nurses. Ms. Sardinas not only provided the CCRN review course on site, but she also obtained a well-known speaker, Laura Gasparis-Vonfrolio, PhD, RN, CCRN, to provide the review course. A total of 25 of JCMC nurses attended this review.