OO - Organizational Overview

OO7: A table that displays direct-care nurses’ participation in professional nursing organizations/association and activities at the local, state, national, and/or international levels. Include offices held. (SE2)

Jersey CityMedicalCenter nurses have led organizational efforts to insure participation in professional organizations (Reference 007-A). Many of our nurses have been instrumental in successful efforts to open local chapters of professional organizations. The MedicalCenter has supported these efforts by providing time-off for nurses to participate in organizations and permitting them access to the MedicalCenter to hold their meetings.

The Palliative Care Coordinator is a founding member of the New Jersey Palliative Care Advanced Practice Consortium (NJPCAC) and has recruited twenty-two (22) nurse members from the area. Our Education Specialist is in the process of establishing a Northern New Jersey Chapter of Oncology Nurses Society.

Four (4) of our nurses have established a local chapter of the Philippine Nurses Association and have assumed leadership roles within the chapter. For example, Jersey CityMedicalCenter nurses hold the offices of President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and Public Relations Officer. They also constitute the Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

Common Professional Organizations at JCMC

OO7-Table 1