OO - Organizational Overview

OO24: Nursing-sensitive indicator data related to nurse work-related injuries such as needle sticks, musculoskeletal injuries, and exposures (e.g., laser, chemicals, toxins, infectious agents). (EP5, EP15, EP30)

Jersey CityMedicalCenter is committed to the health and welfare of its employees. Since our last magnet designation in 2008, we have initiated a Safe Patient Handling Program which has involved the purchase and implementation of lifts and devices throughout the hospital. This program was designed to reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries to employees. This program was also designed to reduce costs related to injuries, particularly related to time-off and Workmens Compensation costs. This program was implemented in 2010 and has proved to be highly successful in the reduction of work related injuries.

We also have a highly effective Sharps and Needlestick prevention program which has been primarily responsible for the purchase and implementation of a needleless device system. Educational initiatives are provided frequently house-wide in the use of personal protective equipment to prevent blood contamination.

More information on the structures and processes the organization has established to foster a healthy work environment and their outcomes can be found in EP30 and EP30EO.

The graphs below display the results of our efforts over the past two years with nurses related injuries and blood and body fluid exposures involving sharps and needlesticks.

RN Injuries Strains/Pains

Needle Sticks RN Only