OO - Organizational Overview

OO8: The policies and procedures that govern/guide professional development programs, such as tuition reimbursement; access to web-based education; and participation in local, regional, national, and international conferences/meetings.

Jersey City MedicalCenter places great value in providing opportunities for continuous growth and nursing education. A culture of continuous learning is present amongst our nurses. Nurses at JCMC, advance their knowledge and skills by participating in annual competencies and educational courses regularly. In addition, many nurses have continued to advance their profession by enrolling in academic programs, and participating in national conferences yearly.

Annual competencies are provided to the nursing staff in two formats. Modules and written competencies such as policy updates are available to the nursing staff via an electronic management system. As indicated in the liberty online learning policy (Reference OO8-A), the educational center for professional development meets the needs of healthcare technology and evidence-based nursing practice by coordinating and overseeing the educational and training programs available. Annual clinical competency assessments include OSHA and Joint Commission mandatory’s for nurses utilizing the Benner Model. The method of validation can be obtained via an education packet, online learning management system, demonstration, verbalization or observation. Classroom based hands on training is provided to all nursing personnel yearly on topics related to safety such as high risk low volume procedures and equipment. Annual competency checklist is used to document progress using Benner’s Model from Novice to Expert as a method of evaluation (Appendix OO8-A and Appendix OO8-B).

For example, the Cardiac Catherization Lab (CCL) nurses utilize unit specifics along with the core Critical Care Competency to maintain an expert level of care. The unit specifics for the CCL RN’s are femoral sheath removal, vascular complication of sheath removal, anesthesia and sedation, surgical site infection, radiation safety and ECG Tracings. Annual Competencies are further discussed in EP20.

In addition to the educational offering provided onsite, JCMC encourages continuing education and career advancement of nurses by financially supporting participation in regional, national, and international seminars and conferences (Reference - OO8-B & Reference OO8-C, OO8-D). Nursing employees may be approved to attend a two outside conferences or seminar per year with a maximum expense of $2000 per year. Additional reimbursements are provided each year for nurses attending the yearly Magnet conference. Please refer to Reference OO8-E for a list of outside conferences and seminars attended by the nursing staff. For more information regarding Reimbursement costs budgeted annually for outside conferences please refer to OO4-A.

Tuition reimbursement (Reference OO8-F), is also available to all nurses (Union and Non Union) employed at JCMC after completing twelve month of continuous services. Reimbursement consists of $7,000 per year for unionized nurses and the equivalent of 18 credits at NJ City University Rates for non unionized nurses. Nurses at JCMC frequently take advantage of this benefit. In 2010 tuition reimbursements for nurses totaled $167,588.82 and in 2011 it totaled 228, 620.80. The majority of nurses used tuition reimbursement to obtain a baccalaureate degree in 2010 and 2011. Detailed information regarding tuition reimbursement is provided in SE3.

Below are the policies and procedures that guide professional development programs, such as tuition reimbursements, access to web-based education; and participation in local, regional, national, and international conferences/meetings: