OO - Organizational Overview

OO17: Performance appraisal tools, if used, and all associated peer evaluation tools for staff nurses and nurse leaders. Include frequency of evaluation. If the organization uses multiple versions of these tools, provide a representative sample for all levels of nurses. (EP20)

In order to assure that our employees’ vision and goals are in accordance with the organization’s, Jersey CityMedicalCenter’s nurses’ performance evaluation is conducted annually. The performance evaluations allow the opportunity to review professional development, reflect on the previous year’s performance, and establish goals. All levels of nursing receive annual reviews that incorporate a similar process.

Self, peer, and manager performance evaluations are conducted on a yearly basis. The yearly performance appraisal is a time in which the nurse reflects on their performance standards and professional development during the past year. It also is an opportunity for the nurse and manager to have open communication in regards to the nurse’s past years performance. During the appraisal, the nurse receives the performance appraisal tool called the Annual Review. The Annual Review consists of reviewing the nurse’s involvement with Structural Empowerment, Transformational Leadership, Exemplary Professional Practice, and New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements. The manager uses Benner’s Novice to Expert (1984) when recognizing the nurse’s strengths, in these categories. Incorporated within these categories are the abilities in delivering safe patient care, communication, and teamwork. Together, the nurse and manager review the appraisal results. The nurse then has the opportunity to elaborate on his or her past year’s performance, establish mutual goals with the manager, as well as set individual professional developmental goals for the next year. Successful completion of patient care and required organization competencies, which are specific to the unit or department in which the nurse is employed in, is addressed at this time. However, general and unit specific educators make certain that nurses have successfully completed competencies that are required.

All levels of nursing, in Jersey City Medical Center, have a similar performance review process, which consists of the opportunity to have an open dialogue with their manager. A competency based performance appraisal is used for nursing in leadership roles. The competency based performance evaluation includes categories of professional development, communication, teamwork, safety, and leadership, among the specific duties and responsibilities pertaining to the role. Completion of peer reviews, among nursing leadership, is an expectation and is essential for the promotion of professional development, image of nursing, quality improvement, implementation of evidence based practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration. In addition, a second peer review that incorporates Jersey CityMedicalCenter’s values is also completed by nursing leadership.

Performance appraisal tools are available for all levels of nursing. On a yearly basis, the performance evaluations assist in aligning the organization’s values and goals with the nurse’s. The performance evaluations, as well as the peer reviews, allow the opportunity for professional development and an open dialogue with the manager. The following are professional appraisal tools used in nursing: