OO - Organizational Overview

OO22: The policies and procedures regarding interdisciplinary conflict. (EP29)

Jersey City Medical Center is committed to providing a culture of safety and commitment to excellence in patient care and customer service. It is essential that all employees of Jersey City Medical Center conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner at all times. Interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration are encouraged among all liberty health employees because conflicts hinder productivity, reduce staff retention, and contribute to negativity in the work place.

In order to promote a safe and secure working environment, all employees are required to treat coworkers fairly with dignity and respect, while encouraging a free exchange of ideas. Principals to preventing interdisciplinary conflicts are applied consistently and addressed timely to avoid negative consequences as listed in the Conflict Resolution Policy (Reference 0022-A), When a conflict arises employees are to report issues to management, security, and/or human resources immediately to seek input and resolution on issues that impede work performance or negatively impacts the work environment.

Department directors and Human resource personnel are dedicated to assisting employees with conflict resolution by ensuring that all employees are treated fairly with dignity and respect and by providing a fair means to resolve differences quickly as they arise.

Liberty health is committed to preventing work place violence and maintaining a safe work environment and has adapted guidelines to deal with intimidation, harassment and other threats of violence or disruptive behavior. These guidelines are available in the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy (Reference OO21-A). In addition, a list of conduct that constitutes unacceptable behavior on the job and violates performance of standards and hospital rules of behaviors is located in the Rules of Behavior policy (Reference OO20-A). Harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, political beliefs or age is forbidden by law and is not condoned by Liberty Health, as indicated in the Anti-harassment Policy (Reference OO22-B) Employees who engage in inappropriate behaviors are subject of disciplinary action as found in the Disciplinary Action Policy (Reference OO21-B).

The following are policies and procedures that prevent and handle interdisciplinary conflict: