OO - Organizational Overview

OO20: The policies and procedures that permit and encourage nurses to confidentially express their concerns about their professional practice environment without retribution. (EP28)

Jersey CityMedicalCenter fosters an environment that encourages employees to express their concerns without fear of retribution. All employees are required to adhere to the Rules of Behavior (Reference 0020-A) and the organizations values and report any potential wrongdoing, especially about concerns with patient safety and quality of care.

A corporate Compliance Hotline (Reference 0020-B) is an anonymous independent hotline where reports of unsafe practice can be reported confidentially. There is also a website where concerns can be addressed. Feedback is then sent to the appropriate manager or vice president so that the matter can be addressed.

Another policy which protects the employee from retribution is the anti-harassment policy (Reference 0020-C). Employees are to report any occurrences of harassment to the Human Resources Department where confidentiality is maintained. The Manager of the area, and/or Human Resources investigates all harassment complaints and advises employees on how to proceed. Any sexual harassment complaints are handled solely by the Human Resources Department and subsequently referred to the Legal Department and Risk Management.

In maintaining consistent with Liberty health’s commitment to an employee centered work environment, JCMC provides a grievance procedure as outlined in the Grievance Procedure Policy (Reference OO2O-D) to allow all union and non-union employee the opportunity to have concerns regarding work conditions, conflicts, disciplinary action etc. heard an orderly and consistent fashion.

Policies and References materials referring to confidential reporting by nurses about their professional practice include: