OO - Organizational Overview

OO9: The assessment for the continuing education needs of nurses at all levels and settings, and the related implementation. (SE5)

A yearly assessment of the nurses’ educational needs is completed annually through the implementation of an educational planning Survey. The educational setting for professional development distributes this survey (Appendix OO9-A) to identify educational interests and pursuits. The survey also elicits information from nursing staff and patient care technicians regarding individual learning styles and preferences. The assessment for 2010 provided valuable insight into the needs of the nursing staff (Appendix OO9-B). The CNO and the Director of Nursing also organized an educational needs assessment of all nursing leaders, managers, and directors annually (Appendix OO9-C). An educational plan is developed and implemented based on the needs of the nursing staff and leadership (Appendix OO9-D)

The assessment identified leadership, clinical aspects, and legal trends as the highest educational needs to assist improvement in job performance. Further information regarding annual competencies is provided in EP20. The following table summarizes courses and strategies offered based on the identified needs.

OO9-Table 1

Based on the staff nurses’ and nursing leaders’ feed back, additional goals were established for 2011 such as

  • Standardize new nurse orientation process
  • Implement online learning management to capture night shift and per-diem staff
  • Hold Competency skills days on all shifts
  • Organize nursing review courses for national certification exam
  • Organize a Clinical Ladder portfolio workshop
  • Increase the number of resources available to the nursing staff via the Liberty Health Intranet