NK - New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements

NK2. Consistent membership and involvement by a lest one (1) nurse in the government body responsible for the protection of human subjects in research, and that a nurse votes on a nursing related protocols.

Jersey Medical Center supports the advancement of research activities at all levels and assures the protection of human subjects during these activities. All research studies involving patients, hospital employees (including nursing), and hospital services, conducted at JCMC must be presented and approved by the JCMC Institutional review Board prior to study implementation. The IRB is the governing body responsible for safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research activities in accordance to local, state, and federal regulations. A list of IRB meeting dates are available in (Appendix NK2-A) Membership on the IRB is appointed through the Medical Dental staff. Those who are voting members of the IRB and those who participate in any research activity must complete the basic assurance training offered by the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) Agency. A sample certificate is available in Appendix NK2-B. In addition, the nursing research council and the IRB committee has established polices and procedures related (Reference NK2-A) to the protection of human subjects, which are available to all staff members on the Liberty Health Intranet.

Liberty Health Intranet

Nurses play a key role in the process of research review and protection of human subjects. Historically, nurses have always been an integral part of the IRB committee. In 2010, Mabel LaForgia MSN, RN, CNL, chairperson of the Nursing Research Council, joined the IRB committee to provide enhanced support to nursing staff who want to develop research proposals. With the knowledge and training gained, Ms. LaForgia has influenced and voted on many nursing and physician related protocols. In 2011, Claudia Garzon-Rivera MSN, RN, CNL was also appointed a voting member of the IRB due to her extensive knowledge of quality and safety procedures. In 2012, Dr. Ratner, chairman and program director of the Department of Internal Medicine, was appointed chairman of the IRB. He requested that Ms. LaForgia be appointed co-chair person of the committee. One of Ms. LaForgia’s first contributions was the development of guidelines for Research Proposal (Reference NK2-B), to assist nurses and medical residents with IRB research proposal development. IRB minutes (Appendix NK2-C and Appendix NK2-D) demonstrates nursing’s involvement in the IRB.