EP - Exemplary Professional Practice

EP3EO:  Professional Practice Model-Describe and demonstrate that nurse satisfaction or engagement aggregated at the organizational level outperforms the mean of the national database used.  Include participation rates, analysis, and evaluation of data. 

The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is the nurse satisfaction survey too utilized at Jersey City Medical Center.  It is web-based and administered annually.  There are three surveys’ to choose from: 

  • RN survey with the Practice Environment Scale (PES)
  • RN survey with job satisfaction scales
  • RN survey with job satisfaction scales-short form 

We utilize the responses to the questions provided in the survey to guide our efforts to provide a satisfying RN work environment which is essential for retention and recruitment.  The elements of the PES are:

Nurse participation in hospital affairs

  • Nursing foundations for quality of care
  • Nurse Manager ability, leadership and support of nurses
  • Staffing and resource adequacy
  • Collegial nurse-physicians relations 

The table below demonstrates the participation rates for the last two survey cycles:

Nurse Participation Rates for NDNQI Surveys

For 2010 and 2012

EP3EO-Table 1

Our participation rates are high, way above 80% which surpasses our goal of 85%.   In 2012, overall our Practice Environment Scale scores are equal to or above the average scores of the mean of all teaching hospitals.

Average Comparison Nurse Satisfaction Data


EP3EO-Table 2

  In 2012, Nurse Manager Ability, Leadership, and Support of Nurses rated slightly below the mean (2.86 vs. 2.99) as did Collegial Nurse-Physician Relationships (2.96 vs. 3.08).  Both the Nurse Manager Ability and the Collegial Nurse-Physician Relationships scored lower than the previous survey in 2010 (2.86 vs. 3.01 and 2.96 vs. 3.15 respectively).  Nurse Participation in Hospital Affairs rated lower than the previous survey but remained above the mean for Teaching Hospitals.  The average PES score rated just slightly lower than the mean. 

Based on the comparison between the two survey’s, it was determined that an action plan would be developed for improving the Nurse Manager Ability and Collegial Nurse-Physician Relationships.  Refer to Table below:

Action Plan


EP3EO-Table 3