EP - Exemplary Professional Practice

EP35EO: Describe and demonstrate that patient satisfaction data aggregated at the organization or unit level outperform the mean, median or other benchmark statistic of the national database used. Provide analysis and evaluation of data and resultant action plans related to patient satisfaction with nursing addressing four (4) of the following: • Pain • Education • Courtesy and respect from nurses • Careful listening by nurses • Response time


Provide any updated patient satisfaction that is available as of July 23, 2013.


  • All graphs for each unit were updated to include the second (April – June) and third quarter (July – Sept) of 2013.
*Please note all data represented in the graphs is based on discharge date. Therefore, the data for Q3 is subject to change as additional patients submit their surveys.

HCAHPS: Nurses “always” treated you with Courtesy and Respect




HCAHPS: Nurses “always” listened to you carefully




HCAHPS: Call button help “always” as soon as wanted

7E Medical Surgical 

7E Medical Surgical