EP - Exemplary Professional Practice

EP29: Describe and demonstrate the organization’s workplace advocacy initiatives for: Caregiver stress, Diversity, Rights, and confidentiality



  • Verifying evidence for advocacy of diversity and confidentiality initiatives that were described in the narrative


  • Required evidence provided


Please refer to Reference EP29-A for evidence of patient menus demonstrating diversity of meal choices in English and Spanish.

Please refer to Reference EP29-B for evidence of cafeteria menus demonstrating diversity of meal choices for employees.

Please refer to Reference EP29-C for evidence of celebrations for Chanukah, Ramadan, Cinco De Mayo, Diwali, Eid, and Kwanza.

Please refer to Reference EP29-D for evidence of celebrations for Hispanic Heritage month, Black History month, Saint Patrick’s Day and the Chinese New Year.


Please refer to Reference EP29-E for policy on employee personnel records.

Please refer to Reference EP29-F for policy on liberty employee access to PHI.

Please refer to Reference EP29-G for patient confidentiality agreement form.

Please refer to Reference EP29-H for the system access manual demonstrating the unique access codes given to each authorized user for all applications.

Please refer to Reference EP29-I and EP29-J for protective measure in place to foster data integrity and security such as providing an alias name.