EP - Exemplary Professional Practice

EP1: Describe and demonstrate how nurses develop, apply, evaluate, adapt, and modify the Professional Practice Model.


Evidence for how nurses have modified the Professional Practice Model (PPM) was not provided. All of the evidence appeared to relate to either application or adaptation of the PPM.

  • Provide evidence to verify how nurses have modified the Professional Practice Model.


  • Narrative relating to modification of PPM

JCMC’s Professional Practice model is Patient Centered Family Focused care. Since its inception in 2010, a primary focus was placed on applying, adapting, and evaluating the model. The evaluations conducted by nursing suggested that modification were not needed during that time.

On March 12th and March 26th 2013, all nursing leaders participated in a two day strategic planning retreat. During the retreat several recommendations were made to modify the current professional practice model to further integrate patients, family members, and community members in all decisions related to care. Furthermore a focus was placed on adding a transitional care component to the model. A track was developed to achieve objectives such as:

  • Implementing strategies, resources, and infrastructure needed to support the model
  • Promoting interprofessional teams that practice within the framework of patient centered family focused care and transitional care
  • Incorporating patients, family members, and community in the modification of the model
  • Evaluating consistent implementation of the model

Overall the strategic plan is designed to span a period of three years. It is projected that Track 1, which addresses modification of the Professional Practice Model, will be ready for piloting and reevaluation by our staff nurses by the last quarter of 2014

Please see Appendix EP1-A for Track 1 Implementation Planning Worksheet.