EP - Exemplary Professional Practice

EP23: Ethics, Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality-Describe and demonstrate how nurses use available resources, such as the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses (American Nurses Association, 2001b), to address complex ethical issues. Provide examples from different practice settings.



  • Verifying evidence for the examples that described how nurses have used available resources to deal with complex ethical issues in different practice settings.


  • Verifying evidence of resources available for nurses dealing with complex ethical issues provided
  • Verifying evidence for examples provided

Available resources for nurses:

Please refer to Appendix EP23-A and EP23-B for evidence of nurse involvement in Ethics consults.

Please refer to Appendix EP23-C for evidence of Ethics consult policy.

Please refer to Appendix EP23-D for evidence of flyer instructing all health care providers to refer cases to ethics committee as needed.

Please refer to Appendix EP23-E for evidence of resources available to nursing staff when addressing complex ethical issues which can be found on the liberty health intranet.

Please refer to the table below for educational offering regarding ethical principles. 26 nurses attended educational offering.

7E Medical Surgical

Please refer to Appendix EP23-F for Nancy Pain APN-C, Chair of Palliative care’s yearly participation in national conferences. She is a main resource for nursing staff when dealing with palliative care and complex ethical issues situations.

Verifying Evidence for Examples provided in original narrative:

Please refer to Appendix EP23-G for progress notes from palliative care RN and CCU primary RN

Please refer to Appendix EP23-H for Palliative care consult notes

Please refer to Appendix EP23-I for discussion regarding complex patient case

Please refer to Appendix EP23-J for evidence of the debriefing which occurred in the NICU