OO - Organizational Overview

OO21: The policies and procedures that address the identification and management of problems related to incompetent, unsafe, or unprofessional practice or conduct.  (EP28)

All employees of the Medical Center are required to adhere to the Rules of Behavior (Reference 0020-A).  These rules have been established to ensure that the best interests of the organization, patients, visitors and employees are met.  Another policy which addresses unsafe and unprofessional behavior is the Workplace Violence policy (Reference 0021-A), that identifies dangerous conduct.  Nurses and all employees are required to adhere to the values of Jersey City Medical Center which are Trust, Accountability, Teamwork, Communication and Excellence.  Annually, each employee is evaluated on these values and recommits to them.  Other key documents which guide nursing professional standards are the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, The ANA Code of Ethics and the New Jersey State Nurse Practice Act

Incompetent, unsafe or unprofessional conduct or practice may be addressed in a variety of ways to include Root Cause Analysis, rL Solutions (Incident Reports) as well as observations by colleagues or managers.  Violations of these tenets are handled through the progressive disciplinary process (Reference 0021-B).

Policies and Procedures related to the identification of incompetent, unsafe, or unprofessional practice or conduct include: